The Dog and Jackal Inn

The rape of a not so innocent mind.

• Ugoth answered a couple questions as to why he is willing to stay with the party.
o Contract being “broken” and someone from Cera’s family still owing him money.
• Sat Karl down in front of Cera after of healing her cha slightly and instructed him to rip everything he could out of her mind regarding her family.
o Who are her known siblings, where are they based, where do they spend time when they want to get away
o Where is the wealth of these family members kept
o Two siblings are Anita, Patrita
o Closest is in the capital, second closest is in the SE corner of New Teryn on the coast
o Cera is proud to be the daughter of Kathak
o Anya does not bring forth any memories even when probed directly
• New Teryn colonizing tactic is primarily blitzkrieg conquest
• Frenerd diverse to look pretty
• Galabren
• Alaskaid- not pleasant, government and economy has been in shambles due to mining companies continuing to war with each other. Rich timber lands.

  • Party has decided to travel the SE taking Cera with. Baker and guards fate TDB
Tragedy in Erageos

About time that group is sent away from gate to castle Age shows up at
the castle and decides to check in on Navae, thinking she is queen.
Goes to the king’s chamber window – closed
Looks for the closest one – closet window of sheets, pillow, and such
He goes through and immediately goes out into the hall without a
second thought, and immediately runs into guards who point spears at
Age “Hi!”
Guards “Oh God it talks!… Do we kill it?”
Age “Kill me? Don’t Kill me! That’s Horrible!”
Guards “uhh….” One goes for a superior
Age “so where’s Queen Navae?”
Guard “Navae isn’t queen. Why would that traitor bitch be Queen?”
Age “What? Huh? Oh…..oh….”

Age immediate turns around back the way he came out the window.
Age groups up with the rest and informs Karl and party of what he found out.
Karl and Age hatch a plot to get into and out of the dungeons in order
to determine whether or not Navae is actually free and leading the
insurgence, or if she’s a secret prisoner of the state.
We are curious of the resistance and Deacon and Meesa set out to find out more:
Guerilla tactics – all over town – fewer in the southern portion (residential)
Supply lines (food, guns, and such)
Couple who are supplied by government – armory and butcher
Meesa looks at Butcher – Jim’s Meats
Go in check it out – get some jerky and get a Chicken … mmmm tasty chicken
Deacon looks at armor – Gilded Gauntlet
Checks inside and skulk about near the forge
Sends Avitus out to fly around in the area and if anyone comes to
make some small noise that Deacon can hear

Karl and Age go about doing their Chewbacca prisoner scenario
Wait until 8ish when it’s quiet – less people – easier to get away with
They are able to get most of the way to the dungeons, but then they
are stopped in the castle by an officer.
When asked about the prisoner, Karl mentions that Age is a wanted
criminal and that he’s taking him to the cells.
After being praised for his work, Karl proceeds with the operation.

Upon arriving at the dungeon, Karl is directed to put Age in a holding cell.
Karl and Age both enter the holding cell.
Karl drops the disguise and motions for the other prisoners to be
quiet and uses Ghost Sound to inform them that he’s looking for Navae
and asks if anyone has information about her.
One of the men comes forward and says that Navae may or may not be
dead, but that Lord Barcuun would have everyone believe that she’s
behind the insurgency. Merl apparently escaped via an escape tunnel
and is running a resistance outside the city. Navae was initially
captured and supposedly refused to escape, despite the official story
that she broke out and started causing chaos in the city. Her actual
whereabouts are unknown. Karl and Age are increasingly convinced that
she is still being held in the castle somewhere.
Karl gives the key to the prisoner and instructs Age and the others to
break out and cause a prison riot while he searches for Navae during
the ensuing havoc.
Karl attempts to Suggest the guard to forget his presence and tell him
where Navae is.
The guard says that Navae isn’t in the prison, and he doesn’t know
what was done with her other than that she was taken up to a higher
level in the castle. The guard snaps out of the spell for just long
enough to ask Karl to help her if he can, before slipping back into a

Karl and Age both leave the prison area disguised as guards. They
start towards the king’s chambers with the idea that she may have been
taken there for less-than-savory purposes.
They make it to the royal chambers without incident, though they do
begin to draw suspicious looks near the chambers. They change their
disguises to match Lord Barcuun’s personal guards.
Karl attempts to relieve the nearest guards from duty. The guards
refuse, but Karl utilizes his Suggestion power. The guards “decide” to
take the day off.
Karl and Age take up their positions guarding the door.
Karl looks through the keyhole and doesn’t see anyone in the room.
Karl walks into an empty room, but smells blood coming from the bathroom.
The bathtub contains a bloody, mangled female corpse that seems to be
Navae, but the face has been peeled off and it’s impossible to tell
for sure.
It’s not a corpse. She has a pulse. (WTF? SHE HAS A PULSE!?!)
Karl manages to stop most of the heavy bleeding, but it’s obvious that
she won’t survive transport without healing magic.
Age suggests getting potions and Meesa while Karl stands guard at the door.
As Age is leaving, he sees a row of busts with faces pinned to them.
One of them is Navae’s.
Navae begins to stir and opens her eyes, but isn’t actually coherent.
Karl whispers to her and attempts to comfort her. Her eyes close, and
Karl returns to post outside the door.

Age flies off to get potions.

Deacon and Meesa are both ambushed by resistance saboteurs and lead to
Shade, a resistance lieutenant, and Merl’s third in command, Mac.
Meesa smarts off to Mac and banters for a bit. She’s impressed by such
a large man’s ability to be so stealthy.
Shade describes to Deacon a bit of their operation and the
resistance’s attempts to disrupt the new government’s infrastructure.
Meesa and Deacon are lead to their base.

Age finds the potions and Karl’s portable hole back at camp and flies
back to the castle.
Karl attempts to administer potions to Navae as Age stands guard at the door.
After giving her all the potions, they’re still not certain that
she’ll survive transport, but they decide to try anyway. Age takes
Navae (in the portable hole) back to the ship.

On the way back, Age sees Meesa and Mac and quickly describes the
situation with Navae. Mac breaks into tears and quickly takes Meesa
and Age to their encampment.
The rebel encampment is a very nice building advertised as a massage
and acupuncture clinic. Underneath a rug, a hidden flight of stairs
leads to a secret room where many of the rebel insurgents are meeting.
Age produces the portable hole and frantically tries to get a healer
into the hole.
Merl, upon seeing Navae’s state, jumps into the hole and, with Age’s
help, hoists Navae out of the hole.
Navae seems to comprehend who and what she’s seeing. She seems to try
to speak before going limp. Her breath gives out.
Merl completely loses his cool and begins screaming with rage and despair.
Deacon and Shade enter the building as Merl’s scream is dissolving into sobs.
Some of those present have simply left the gruesome scene, while
others either stand stoically or cry.

Karl, while trying to escape the castle in disguise, runs into Lord
Barcuun’s procession.
Upon seeing a “guard” that he doesn’t recognize, Lord Barcuun has him
seized and Karl is unconscious after being sapped.

The inhabitants of the rebel encampment are still reeling from the
events in the basement. Karl’s absence is noticed by Age, and a rebel
agent is stationed near our ship to alert us if he returns.
Deacon discusses the current tactical and strategic situations with
Mac and Shade.
Age suggests sneaking into the castle and having Merl, Deacon, Age,
Mac, and Shade cause a distraction and maybe try to kill Barcuun,
while Meesa sneaks in to retrieve Karl.

Merl enters the room and simply says “We need to find the Philosopher’s Stone”.
The Stone is said to be the cause off the destructive, chaotic
properties of the Split Pass. Supposedly it can be found in a cave
somewhere in the Split Pass; it’s said to the mouth of hell.
The party (minus Karl) agree to mount an expedition to retrieve the
Stone, assisted by Merl, Mac, Shade. Age is uncomfortable with the
idea – both for leaving Karl and for raising the dead. Merl indicates
that there was someone on the inside to feed information… who may just
have inadvertently let out.

Merl indicates that there should be enough liquid in the stone to save
both, as long as it is within the time (7 days). This convinces Age,
who agrees as long as Merl will do everything he can to help.

The party heads out via the ship. Mac is armed with an enormous
hammer, Shade with a blowdart. It takes a day to get to the Split Pass
- the terrain becomes increasingly mountainous and hellish.

In the city of Elves

Find out about the dagger, raven feather, and note in Abyssal in the
city of Aldwynne of Far Usal.
Terrain – very fertile at first, then forested as get closer to
Aldwynne. Have to clear some roads.
Aldwynne – elven city – naturalistic, heavily populated but the forest
hasn’t been touched. “hodgepodge” it comes together though.
See a building and then a part added on later
Harmonious relationship the elves have with the forest.
See birds and animals usually scared off by people are within the city limits
The big things still stay away like deer, bears.
Surprisingly few elves maybe only 1/3. Busy populated city but there
are a lot of druidic symbols. Creatures we are not really familiar
(like sheshayans) but no one seems to bat an eye
Ie. Frog like humanoid – legs too long, skin is waxy, eyes are too big, no noses
Avian creatures – glossy feathered “Harpies” just built similarly,
instead of hair they have glossy black feathers, some have a plumage

Elves were their own demise – don’t know exactly what happened
Widely accepted story – they’re thirst for concurring, had too much
bloodlust, they’re frail though, one leader focused on magically
arming his people, and became formidable but took it too far
No walls to the city, looks like in places there are shallow dirt
covered mounds that may have been a short wall at some point.

Enter the city with no problems, when we do find someone with status -
town guard – in uniform, has a rapier. A much nicer environment

Go to the Library – been encased in ivy
Inside – we learn that the ivy is the walls, sun shines through a
little bit, it’s serene.
So many books, more in one place than we have ever seen in the world -
shops usually have more selection than a library
Karl stays at the library to research while the rest of the party goes
and sells stuff

Professor tries to look for something of abyssal
Finds a manuscript of a common book of myths written in abyssal but
doesn’t have common

Market – very arborial – dozen cedar trees – elaborate scaffolding -
kind of chaotic
Deacon thinks of the magical ink and magical papers and mithral.
Homework! Figure out what to buy

Better part of the day – Karl finds the book of myths – back to
library but it’s closing, will continue research tomorrow.

Age goes bar hopping, Deacon finds a tavern, as sun goes down – tavern
- Song bird
Roast beef and mashed potatoes on the menu. Grown locally – it’s a Friday
Busy, but server is prompt

We all play games and gamble

Next Day – Karl goes back to Library and deciphers
Deacon looks for someone to take ring off
He gets a name – Anya – elf, visiting in town, general area
Silver centaur – barkeep shakes his head but a barhand gets his
attention and mentions that there is someone that stays occasionally
named Anya.

Age explores after sleeping away most the day with Grom
Grom actually makes some friends
In the distance Age sees a wing that looks a little too familiar.
Dayen the sheshayan.
There is another sheshayan. Didn’t expect that. Goes up and introduces
himself while he regards you as suspicion.
Gets to ask about his clan.

Meesa plays games and gambles.

News comes to town (rumors) of what’s going on in Erageos.


Brief revision:

Fugitives in the city. Trying to investigate the cause of the King to
act so strangely.
Meesa is leaving the castle when she feels pressure change in the air,
hear cracking, and rumbling. Lightening strike has hit the cliff and
the landslide hits the guest wing of the castle. Almost immediately
after rocks start falling, ground is shaking, city gets louder and
louder as people panic. Screaming begins – two individual – shrieks
wails ffrom two shadowy figures fly from the kings quarters up to the

Deacon and Karl at barking dog tavern – meet up with them. Meesa “I
didn’t take anything” lightning hitting castle. The two shades are
rising up – huge sized- demonic figures. Screaming growing, rumbling
growing, long tenticles ending in spikes and teeth. Visions come,
phobias and such get very real and very vivid. Everyone in our party
stays coherent. Others are crying and panicing, talking to themselves,
lots of ffights. Ton of sentries out have now turned on eachother. In
the tavern, people freaking out, burning hair and flesh.

Age and Meesa fly up to the deamons, they are already locked in battle
with a robed person. Tossing lots of lightening bolts and there are
tons of clouds . Age is able to fly through and drop me off. Age gets
half way there to the shades and then notices the air around the
shades gets thicker and then crush the shades. The screams are

Karl and Deacon go into the castle (same time as above) people are
cowering. Servants and sentries, attendants, diplomats, all
incapacitated from the screams. They find the kings quarters and the
King is seizing, epileptic fit, mage is suspended in the air,
surrounded by a glow, seems to be in a trance. Deacon pulls the mage
down but his hand goes numb. The urns are open. King is dead, skin is
cold to the touch. Karl tries to grab an urn, it feels like two
magnets, just very repulsive. He makes a will save and grabs one of
the urns. Writing on the urns is abyssal. As he is looks at the urns
the screaming stops. “she’ll know, if you knowwhat’s good for you,
you’ll run” she tenses and sumersault backwards. Deacon gets the
overcoat she was wearing but she rolls out the window and falls down
the spire several hundred feat below.

Storm beginning to dissipate. And robed figure is gone. Age and Meesa
fly in through the window, catch up and then flee.

It is Kathek’s 98th year of rule. He has absorbed 4 territories this
year. People around the ships are making more will saves

Whole group going to New Terran camp. Meesa takes a small detour to
the treasury. We all meet up at the camp and go in together. At the
gate there are half a dozen generic infantry units. One takes charge
and escorts karl and age to baracks and says will get commanding
officer. In about 15 min a man comes in with half plate, bastard
sword, and air of authority Zachary Finch – Knight of Katheks
Karl gives the information about the castle – asks for safe passage with them
Tries to get Deacon’s ring off, but Zachary has no ability in that area
Karl tries to suggest him but he doesn’t fall for it and so Age
surprises him and knocks him out. Karl look like the Knight, Age looks
like Karl. They shove him in a sack of holding. They inform the guards
that “Karl” is to be escorted in a land ship. They go to city limits
to pick up Meesa and Deacon and the wagon.

Decide to go to Far Usal city – Aldwynne – to escape the chaos, to the
elven city.

And began a great rumbling...

Guard units consist of four or multiples
Hear guards coming down the hall
Age takes a small chest and takes the guards for a wild goose chase
Meesa moves off in the opposite direction and picking my way through
corridors, higher end living areas, king has been paranoid
Stealth check is amazing
Meesa finds king’s chamber
Still warm coals in fire
Hear snoring from bed
Many treasures in this room, more exotic than what in the treasury
Use detect magic to see the strongest aura – it’s the woman in the bed
Also see the urns next to her. When try to touch urns, she stirs.
Choose to leave without anything
As Meesa leaves without anything
Rumbling starts – earthquake and cliffs are sliding
Spire tower heaping pile of mud
12 minutes of this rumbling
Materials in the landslides are not the same as what was on the top of
the cliffs. Summoned??
Strange noise from the castle – ominous and terrifying – hissing hum
organic static, angry and sad& angry
This noise doesn’t go away, shrieking begins – includes terrifying
feeling of dread
Plagued with images – worst fears, memories
We are able to bear the images from mind
Two figures rising up the cliffs
Age and Meesa go after the shadows – two huge sized shadow figures
with sharp white teeth
Age drops Meesa on the ground and notices storm clouds – great gathering
Frail man raises staf – gleam at the end and lightening meets it and
sprays out in four bolts of electricity
It begins to rain – creatures caught in the lightning – screams shift
from those of violence and terror to violence and torture

Deacon & Karl go to the chambers
King is seizuring and woman is floating in front window
Deacon grabs her hair and pulls her down and that seems to break the screaming

The shadows seem to dwindle and shatter

Behind woman’s tonsils is a shiny black beetle
Deacon is able to pull it out – it has a green tint
Once cleared Deacon asks what’s going on
She refuses and vaults herself out the window – gruesome death
Deacon searches the body and finds a shiny knife and a pouch with a
note (written in abyssal) and a raven feather.

Karl tries to get the guard to come to
Age and Meesa come in through window, informs that a familiar caravan
(Naeva’s caravan) is about two hours outside the city
Airships are still stationed outside of city
They are more like hover craft
One set apart – painted in civilian colors but on its own
The “key” or talisman turns and starts
Recognize belongings of New Terran – possibly officer status
Leave the city in the airship and hide in a nearby wooded ravine,
about a day’s march from the city.

Discuss either taking the airship to the nearest city in order to hide
out for a while and to get the dagger and the note identified. The
city is a week’s worth of airship travel to the south, in the nation
of Far Usal (elvish).
Or just hide out in the ravine and keep an eye on the city and
especially Naeva’s party.

Entropic Arcis

In the city of Archis
Moderate size – sprawling
Primarily red brick, partially built into a cliff wall but not into it
Exceptionally thick wall surrounds it.
Approaching the city, can’t see the keep. Capital city of Erigos – Monarchy
Airship – giant- parked just beyond the crevice.

“Police” – dark maroon breast plate with the sigil of the royal family

Age over hears about armorers that were once great in this city. Now
the three people of this guild are not making them anywhere.
Age learns from Karl how to get a hold of them.
Two are still in the city, the third went his own way
Age finds the one in the north and is curious of his technique and if
he is aware of the special metals and such.
No animals around here that are any good for armor, which is why doesn’t do it
Mentions the worms and their chitin, obviously dragons. The only ones
easy to find are white dragons in the step lands to the north
Interesting minerals? Several amethyst deposits, gold, and lead.
Wonders about enchanting – refers him to a woman in the southern part
of the city. He goes down and gets his obsidian short shorts – keen &
elemental burst
Karl goes to the palace and asks if they want a guest speaker
They are happy for the opportunity of a good story
They want more traditional bardic things
Wants stories/ histories
Where – before the noble court in the banquet hall
King not present, in 3 days time

Checking out the city
King has stayed out of the spot light in the last couple month
Police don’t take notice really of any crime, even pick pocketing.
Deacon looks.
Strange how all the posts are manned.
Age considers getting a cloak just to cover his wings and such

Age starts listening for rumors, see if can confirm Naeva’s story
Lots of talk about worries
As quickly as they seem worried – they forget
Only get snip-its of info
They change conversation quickly from a paranoid stance

Deacon tries to keep one man drinking to stay on topic but it still

just seems like they forget before getting further

Detect magic – magic is all over the place, as deacon looks around the
ring get hotter and hotter as it starts to burn. There was an area tat
it seems to stop at.

Notice said by a speaker “All Oracara and two other countries trade has ceased”
Deacon asked what these countries have done to us
Response : what are you talking about?

Karl goes to the palace on his own to give lecture and hopefully make
a good impression. Smaller with fewer people than expected.
One person Karl notices that a person that is lingering, they don’t
respond to story highlights – tall man, early 50s
Dressed in garb as the city guard, highly decorated – high ranking,
part of the counselors to the king – seems troubled
Karl asks for the captain of the guard to see if it’s okay to bring in
a creature for emphasis on his next story
Meet with him at the horse and rider tavern to discuss bringing in an
animal to add value to the story
Sounds good to the guard, will post extra guards
Reads him – just looks tired and troubled

Meesa and Age infiltrate the castle for a nighttime recon operation.
Entry through castle spires. Stealth and Fly checks successful.
Meesa unlocks door and they gain access.
Age uses darkvision to navigate further into the castle.
Meesa looks around for the treasury.
Treasury found; it’s heavily guarded (a unit of 4 guards).
Stealth checks succeed.
Age lures two guards away and ambushes them.
Silently slits their throats.
starts snuffing torches in the hallway, unsettling the remaining
guards and providing further shadow cover.
Scares off one guard, who is easily dispatched by Meesa’s rapier.
Remaining guard begs and pleads before Age kills him.
Meesa picks lock on the treasury door as Age stashes the bodies.
Treasury is organized by type of currency and country of origin.
Age uses the Ring of Detect Magic to look for the device emitting the
magic field, but finds nothing of the sort.
Meesa snatches a large amount of coins.
The pair hears the next shift of guards outside the treasury door.
Age clings to the chandelier as Meesa hides among the treasure.


Meesa able to break the glass of the room and acrobatically jump her
way down. Able to see the courtyard where guards are packing wagons.
Moving our stuff into new wagon. They are very neat about it but they
break the chest when moving and they take it to an incinerator (the
dragon hide was still in the false bottom)
Meesa goes back to her room and stuffs the broken window with a pillow

While Meesa was gone
Servant goes to Karl’s room with food, he gestures for her to be
quiet. He takes her form while offering a platinum. He uses the
disguise to go into every one else’s room to chat about the
predicament. He realizes Meesa is gone, leaves food and chats with
Deacon, then Age. Then he goes out (as the servant) and searches the
area for concealable weapons. Butcher knife and such. He comes back
and Meesa is back at this point and Karl as the servant smacks her
upside the head. We wait for morning.

We get an eggs benedict with fish breakfast. Then they collect all of
us together to go into the caravan.

Age throws a fit about going into the carriage. He wants to know where
Grom is. They offer Age can be outside but have to be in makeshift
shackles. At this point Age just takes off flying straight up. The
guards let him go, not worth the arrows or anything.

Karl, Meesa, and Deacon go into the carriage and wait for night and
camp. Meesa goes out and wants some privacy for bathroom break. Meesa
able climb tree and conceal. Karl makes noises on other side of camp
to help conceal. Meesa makes her way to the wagon.

Age circled the wagon at first but then moved through the trees to
follow us. Deacon speaking with the guards. Karl starts telling a
story to distract guards. Deacon steals the sword of the officer that
is guarding him. And stabs him.
Meesa gets to the wagon and picks up more of the gear. Looks out and
hears the commotion. Her response is to grab Deacons bow and quiver of

Age goes after the Lieutenant at the front of the Caravan. He slices
him up and drags him to Karl and Deacon. They Intimidate all the
guards, Meesa gives Deacon his bow and arrows to add to his
intimidation. We are able to convince them to unhitch our wagons. We
break away and go through the desert.

Fairly uneventful. There is a storm but the new wagon is much
sturdier. We are traveling SW back toward the mountains. Take about
2.5 to 3 weeks. Age and Karl find a pass through the mountains without
too much trouble. Head down toward Eragos. Takes about a week and a
half. Typical medieval buildings.

Trade stuff

New Terrain is showing off their new military advancement – airship
Civilian and military grade – like the difference between hummers.

Imprisoned in Oracara

Continue on our journey after filling water and trading

Morning – setting out – Artuer says heading East (away from our destination)
Malack, and two companions coming with us for guiding and to pick up
more barrels for us to fill as payment

Scenery in the desert doesn’t change much
As we travel, weather and temp are more bearable
Get more diverse trees and flowers as we travel a couple days
Couple more purple worm, one Crimson in the far distance
Malack story – great worms & rumbling of the world – culture belief -
worms are creators of the world, trapped by wizards to underground -
can only surface in the desert

3rd day we turn sharp to the East
(away from destination) apparently ahead there is a sinkhole full of
nasty creatures, including worms.
Creates giant cavern beneath surface carved out by what once may have
been water spot at one time
Temp regulated so many people stop there as a rest area for thieves
and brigands – sand people do not go there

As we approach civilization start to see dusty towns
Sudden shift in terrain
Striking, almost line where desert ends and green lush areas
There is a river underground here which is why Oracara is settled here
Contained skyline
King = Tel Hawkstrider
& King Eragos are related by blood – cousins – unified grandfather
Eragos exports = minerals – gold
Oracara exports = furs from large muskox type herbavores

City has middle eastern type settlements
Cold here so tents have heavier leathers and such

Navea very eager, getting antsy
Guides get barrels and go back
Enter city – professor asks – anything we can help with or are we to
help get places – bodyguards
She walks into the castle, announces herself
Taken into palace and wait in the antechamber
Every room seems to have tapestries
Primarily to maintain temp but it also looks nice
Rich vivid depictions of hunts, lores
One tapestry of the sea – very far – contains plants but things that
are kind of familiar but looks like a sea we have never seen before
In the hallway on the way to the left antechamber. To the right is
the throne room, or where the king entertains in
Weapons are placed in a chest
Two guards at the door
Deacon asks about fancy sea tapestry – guard doesn’t really know much
Professor – written in Aquan – what he knows of the language it’s
rather jibberish like
Two words – one is 3 characters one is 5 characters
Room -
Fire going, benches to sit, doors opposing inside room
Servants door on immediate left as entering door – doesn’t look like
it’s used very often
Navea grows increasingly impatient as time passes by
Age asks guards for food, they brush him off and say go to the servants

Metal domes to light rooms

Eventually 2 full hours pass waiting in the room
Navea is freaking out
Finally guard comes in and invites everyone into next room to talk to King
Beast of a man – built broadly and heavily bearded
Carries himself very posed and proud
Many years since seen navea
Understands that says his cousin has lost control of Erageos
Will hear out Naveas claim
Navea – shaken but continues
Claims father has been bewitched by something that has come out of
the split pass. There is a mage – commands flying creatures
Tel Hawkstrider
This is the third time have had to send her back home and this will be the last
Merl is not surprised – looks tired. At the king’s declaration
Says sorry for the rest of us but cannot let this go potentially long
and must send us back to Erageos
Dismisses us, very busy King. Says can ask questions with —>
Head of guard – Bryson Plaud

Escorted out under guard by total of 8
Intro to Bryson – taller man 6’2", well decorated. Not happy about this task
Gives curt orders
Describe that they have eyes and ears in Erageos and Naveas shenanigans

Chambers -
Window large enough for Meesa to slip through
Can’t really do much… so we wait

Trials in the Worm Sands

Traveling through the mountains on the way toward desert
Uneventful, guide not super helpful but better than nothing
Descend into the dessert – send guide away
First several days pass uncomfortably but uneventfully.
Very cold nights, very hot days
Professor keeping eye out for tribes

“Erotic Disenchant” quote of the night – Cody

Worry about the horses
End of fifth day
Horses are tossing head – increasing urgancy claw at the ground and
Far to east – sky looks blotted out
Scrawny trees – as much shelter as we can get
Tie everything down
Age tries to work with the horses – they calm a little but don’t
15 min and storm is upon us
Has eerie sounds
In the morning, just before dawn storm breaks
One horse gone, Age does a circle pattern
Finds tracks to the north
Looks like the horse has uneven gate, uneven stride from the tracks
Follows a little ways – it is limping
Takes the reins and takes it back
Nasty wound on back leg – filled with dirt and sand
Professor repairs the wagon
Wind side noticable signs of erosion
About 2 hours to get everything out
Axle still protests but still functions
Following day is less hot than it has been
Cool spell continues next couple days,
In the night of the 8th date, Age spots an encampment – further into the desert
Informs professor of the people.
Professor goes alone on a horse
Takes about 2 hours – greets friendly
Encampment – very efficient, can tell there is an order of things
Much lower to the ground tents, crawling height and lower
Horses are out but looks like there are materials to drape over them quickly
They seem curious about Age but are very busy
Artuer Mi’Drac = leader
Mentions worm migration
Brave to go through the dessert without
City going to is Laotan – country = oracara

Drums & merriment for happy temp time
Talk into the eveing
Worms – having unusual migration patterns
Possible food sources are diminishing – place in the east trying to
irrigate the dessert
Worms traveling farther and farther from the dunes
No family lore that speaks of this.
Great Purple worm within day or two travel of here
– describe Dune worms
Elderly member is local authority
Professor says will return with companions in the morning and departs
Age sticks around, learns about worms and joins in festivities

Begin to feel rumbling again on the way
Age and Professor know these are signs of the worms
Begin to run and the worm surfaces – deep purple color, entire front is mouth
Worm chases us for 40min slowly gaining
Age flies towards worm to annoy it
Within minutes the people from the camp reach us
They have bows but then realize there are explosives strapped to the
tips of the arrows – shaped wider and flatter than most
Each precisely fire arrows and they get under the scales
It takes a couple shots but it stops moving after a couple goes off
Malik lamb leader of the group

Age is on top of worm. Claws at the scale and starts digging through the worm

Deacon asks about the bows. Gets details on the arrows and bows – made
from worm bones, metal tips.

One of the guys in the group takes Age to the back of the worm and he
introduces him to bursting the digestive fluid sack
He takes some scales and teeth – kukri style

Offer a guide service, pay with water – flabbergasted
In the morning sun, morning rituals
Greeted by women showing into the trading area
Hand woven rugs
Rare polished glass items
Couple lightning sculptures – where has hit the sands
Worm items
Shields, jewelry, trinkety weapons
Make 15GP profit

Age gets materials to make his own short bow

Professor finds Artuer – talk about water payment

Very happy

Into the Mountains

In Bravakin, gather supplies for the expected desert traveling.
Meesa goes out and looks for decanter of endless water
Finds one and amazingly and stealthily break in
Gained two clockwork things with wires… the alarms
Total of eight rings
Two amulets
Wand – embellished and guilded in a strange
Normal wand but “bedazzled”
Head band
Small silver & decorated with small red and orange gems
Two pairs of gloves
3 more rings
2 daggers
3 wands – pretty
Interesting pair of shoes

Meesa goes back to Professor and gives him the decanter
He goes to the bar that Deacon and Age went to
Calls Age out and opens the decanter at him
Once understands (remembers my behavior)
Informs everyone needs to skip town and once everyone is together
Tells that the decanter was stolen
Naeva is unhappy but “understands” the necessity

Pick up food in towns as we pass
Salted meats and such

At the Mountains
No town at base or through the pass
Find a guide fairly easily – James
Knows the mountains very well and knows the sand people
Age asks about obsidian
– Veins to the north
– Knows they exist but not exactly
– Only knows a commercialized vein
Travel through the mountains in 4 days (snow & fallen trees)
Lots of wildlife
Sister village of the knolls
– can see eagle wings to the southwest
Age wants to investigate, flies 45 min out
Still twilight when he gets there
They are starting to light campfires
Still has his puppy with him in a backpack
Lands on the outskirts – crow like
Upon descent hear shouts
When touch ground, surrounded by knolls
Age says "Hi!’
They startle but then they usher age along into their camp
Their structures are of pineneedles and mud
Housing are a little like a beehive, incorporated into the trees
Built around/with the trees. Space is not wasted
Woven bows of trees together
Long enough where some of the trees are growing together and the eagles
Are roosting up above.
Extended family live together with a huge tribe sense
This is unusual for knolls
Lead over a small bridge over a creek into an elaborate hut
See a depiction of a knoll sitting above two others with symbols on either side
One who looks like a chief barks at Age
Age offers weapons, children talk common and translate
Age just wants to say hi, mentions the other tribe to the south
Meeting Tebath
How long kept eagles – many many years
Ancestor – Endag – decided not to be like the rest of the knoll kind
and had a great friendship
With the greatest eagle of all time – very big, powerful, yellow
stripe across face Doril
Do not interact with people usually
Age asks about “Obibian?” -knoll call it a crow stone
Age asks if they need anything in the desert or any messages
He asks – need cloth from sheep , wool
Their sheep don’t do well in their environment so they need material for clothes
Gives a skull of a deer – very pretty and looks life like
When placed in hand experiences a weird out of body experience -
running and running then it goes black and he is back in his body.
Flies back to caravan
Wakes up professor, asks for money – get 3gp
Goes to nearest village and picks up wool and leaves the money in its place
(he is much faster with the skull)
And takes the wool to the knoll, they look at him funny but they say
“thank you friend”
Goes back to wagon and sleeps a day, then the following night goes out
for the obsidian and comes

Back with enough to make his short swords.


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