The Dog and Jackal Inn

The rape of a not so innocent mind.

• Ugoth answered a couple questions as to why he is willing to stay with the party.
o Contract being “broken” and someone from Cera’s family still owing him money.
• Sat Karl down in front of Cera after of healing her cha slightly and instructed him to rip everything he could out of her mind regarding her family.
o Who are her known siblings, where are they based, where do they spend time when they want to get away
o Where is the wealth of these family members kept
o Two siblings are Anita, Patrita
o Closest is in the capital, second closest is in the SE corner of New Teryn on the coast
o Cera is proud to be the daughter of Kathak
o Anya does not bring forth any memories even when probed directly
• New Teryn colonizing tactic is primarily blitzkrieg conquest
• Frenerd diverse to look pretty
• Galabren
• Alaskaid- not pleasant, government and economy has been in shambles due to mining companies continuing to war with each other. Rich timber lands.

  • Party has decided to travel the SE taking Cera with. Baker and guards fate TDB



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