Powerful muscles ripple beneath the golden fur of this small yet fearsome eight-legged beast.


Aurumvorax (AKA Golden Gorger)
HP: 112
AC: 25 (6Nat,4Arm,4Dex,1Size)
Size: Small
Speed: 30ft, burrow 10ft
Attack: Bite 1d6 (12A), 4x Claw 1d6 (9A)
Ability Scores
Str. 20 (5)
Dex. 18 (4)
Con. 22 (6)
Int. 3
Wis. 13 (1)
Cha. 11 (0)
Special Qualities: Darkvision 60ft, Low-light Vision, Scent, Evasion, Devotion, Grab (10), Rake (4 Claws), DR5/magic, Fire Resistance 10
Feats: Armor Proficiency(Medium), Improved Natural Attack (claws), Multiattack, Endurance, Diehard.
Skills: Acrobatics (8), Climb (5), Escape Artist (5), Intimidate (5), Perception (10), Stealth (10), Survival (8), and Swim (5)
Equipment: Hide Barding (M/Armor4/MaxDex4/Speed30/ACP3)


A typical aurumvorax is only 3 feet long but weighs more than 200 pounds, for it is densely packed with muscle and thick, sturdy bones. Its fur is golden, while its claws are black and sharp. Its weight relative to its body size makes it a poor swimmer, and most dislike crossing water, though they can trundle along the bottom of still or slow water if necessary. Aurumvoraxes are very aggressive creatures, and lead solitary lives except when they mate. Adults typically claim the hunting area within a mile of their warrens, ruthlessly driving away other predators. In addition to fresh meat, aurumvoraxes are fond of gnawing on metals (particularly gold and copper), though whether they do this to sharpen their teeth or because of some nutritional need is unknown. Aurumvorax warrens can stretch for thousands of feet, often winding deep into the earth. The avaricious appetite of aurumvoraxes has earned them the appellation “golden gorger” among dwarves, who have lost more than a few miners to the dangerous beasts. In battle, an aurumvorax latches onto its victim with its jaws and gouges savage wounds with its claws. It rarely looses its grip before it or its foe is dead. It typically attacks the nearest living creature regardless of size, and ignores any wounds it suffers at the hands of others until its prey is dead.

Grom was orphaned after his mother and siblings were killed by a tyrannosaurus. While exploring the world outside his den for the first time since he was born just a month before Grom and his siblings accidentally awoke the huge animal they had unknowingly been playing on. His mother managed to kill the colossal beast, but sustained moral wounds doing so. His siblings died in the chaos of the rampaging Rex, crushed or broken by flying debris or stomped by the Rex itself. Grom escaped death by inches, and was thrown unconscious clear of the worst damage. After the battle the mauled and maimed mother in a final dazed effort to save her young found and gathered the remains of the cubs as well as the still living Grom and attempted to hide them in the roots of a nearby tree. Her task complete, she collapsed. Her body providing the last defense for her lone cub. When he awoke Grom cried at first, trying to rouse his immobile mother and siblings. No amount of cries, nudging, or nipping would wake them. Injured, cold, and all alone in a primeval jungle the little cub crawled under his mothers belly for warmth and comfort to await his certain fate. But, fate can be kind as well as cruel; when all hope seemed lost Grom found his savior. The sesheyan Age, while exploring the jungle discovered the site of the epic battle and the injured Grom. In reverence of Grom’s mother’s fierce battle and sacrifice Age saved Grom and carried him home to be mended and healed. While he recovered Grom grew attached to Age, and the two became inseparable.


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